Best Internet Spam-Fighting Resources

Annoyed at that flood of unsolicited email in your inbox? Sick and tired of spam and decided you're not going to take it anymore? Good for you! Here are some popular Internet resources that can help you fight back:

  • CAUCE -- Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
    CAUCE is an advocacy organization seeking legislative remedies to the problem of junk email. Their site is a good resource for people trying to fight spam.
  • Junkbusters
    This site offers much good advice for getting yourself off and keeping yourself off the spam lists, and combating spammers successfully.
  • Sam Spade
    A great toolkit for the anti-spam detective. Allows you to track down spammers using Ping, DNS Lookup, Whois, Traceroute and Finger.
  • ScamBusters Stop Spam Page
    Good resources and tips for reducing the amount of spam you receive.
  • SpamCop
    Paste a spam message into the box on SpamCop's page, and it will analyze the message, identify where it was sent from and generate a complaint to the spammer's network administrator.
  • SpamKiller
    A software application for filtering unsolicited email and composing complaints against spammers.
  • Spam Recycling Center
    Forward your spam to the Spam Recycling Center and they will send it on to federal authorities for action. Also, the messages you submit will be used to help anti-spam software companies improve their products.

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